Israel-Hamas War: IDF Spokesperson Dispels 'Lie' From Hamas About Al-Shifa Hospital

By FOX News
Posted on 11/20/23 | News Source: FOX News

IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus appeared on "Your World with Neil Cavuto" Monday to discuss the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

During the interview, the spokesman accused Hamas terrorists of using "psychological warfare" against Israelis.

"Hamas is in a continued psychological warfare against Israel and most importantly, against the poor families of 238 Israeli hostages that are being held in Gaza for 45 days," the Israeli official explained. "So until we see things with our own eyes and we can get our hands on whatever or whomever we get out, we cannot be certain of anything happening."

Conricus also referenced recently-released footage of hostages being taken into al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza. While Hamas officials said that the captives were receiving medical treatment, Conricus disputed that claim.

"When we released the CCTV footage from the hospital, [Hamas] immediately said, 'Oh, no, we brought them there to provide them medical care.' There's about 11 hospitals on the way... that they could have stopped that are much more closer and convenient If the real thing was to provide medical attention," he explained. "It wasn't. They brought them to Shifa because Shifa is a Hamas stronghold."