Baltimore Mayor Scott Resists Calls For State Of Emergency Amid Rising Juvenile Crime

By FOX45
Posted on 11/16/23 | News Source: FOX45

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott is resisting calls to declare a state of emergency to deal with juvenile crime.

Earlier this week, Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a state of emergency following a soaring number of carjackings and car thefts by juveniles.

"I want to be clear, we see no need to follow in her footsteps," said Mayor Scott on Wednesday.

A state of emergency would allow the city to expedite funding and mutual aid to combat juvenile crime.

Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, who's vying to unseat Scott, says a state of emergency declaration is long overdue.

"It's gotten out of control. We've waited so long to deal with this. When we saw five cars being stolen we should've gotten on it and determined what to do to stop it," said Dixon.

Businessman Bob Wallace, who's also vying to become mayor, believes a public emergency is critical and suggests the mayor may not be aware of the critical need.

"He has to put himself in the shoes of the people and how do they feel and if you talk to them they'd tell you, we're in a crisis situation," said Wallace.