Facebook, Instagram Launch Paid Monthly Subscription

By JPost
Posted on 11/01/23 | News Source: JPost

Facebook made an official announcement on Monday about the introduction of an ad-free subscription starting in November.

Priced at 9.99 euros per month, the subscription will be available to users in the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. This move aims to address EU regulations that have impacted Meta's data collection practices, which have been a major source of revenue.

First time Meta is deviating from model of a free platform

Interestingly, this marks the first time that Meta is deviating from its traditional model of a free platform supported by advertisements. In a statement, the company emphasized their belief in an internet financed by ads, enabling people from all economic backgrounds to access personalized products and services.

They also highlighted the importance of advertisements for small businesses. The introduction of an ad-free subscription not only satisfies European regulators' requirements but also gives users a choice, ensuring Meta's continued service to all EU, EEA, and Swiss residents.

Subscribers to the new program will have an ad-free experience on Meta's platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Their personal information will not be utilized for advertising purposes. It is crucial to note that Facebook will still provide its comprehensive services for free.

The ad-free subscription can be purchased through the Facebook website or the Facebook and Instagram apps for iOS and Android. From March 2024, the price will increase by an additional six euros.

In May, the European Union imposed a $1.3 billion fine on Meta for violating the privacy of European users. This penalty was imposed due to American security agencies accessing personal information about EU residents in a manner that fails to uphold Europe's data protection regulations.

The fine stands as the largest one ever imposed by the union for privacy protection law violations.