Be a Part of Kesser Torah’s CROWN Funding Campaign! (Video & Photos)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 06/07/23

Kesser Torah is proud to announce that on June 5th-6th it will be launching its CROWN Funding Campaign!

The monumental growth which Kesser Torah has undergone in the last few years, from a nascent yeshiva to a well-established one of over 125 bochurim, is unparalleled! Kesser Torah is a true asset to Baltimore as it provides a local yeshiva on its own 44-acre oasis just minutes from the heart of the community. 

For the many who attended the yeshiva’s Chanukas ha’Bayis in November, it is apparent how the ambiance of the newly constructed Kesser Torah Bais Medrash has brought the shteiging of the bochurim to new heights.  The Kol Torah emanating from the Bais Medrash has not only made an impact upon the talmidei ha’yeshiva, but also the community at large.

Kesser Torah’s beautiful campus allows bochurim to fully immerse themselves in the world of Abaye and Rava. They can discuss a complex Ketzos as they stroll along the leafy pathways with their chavrusa. And after a long day of ameilus b’Torah, they can relax and unwind with their friends on the yeshiva’s athletic courts.

This vital campaign will allow Kesser Torah to raise the funds needed to ensure that its bochurim can continue in their constant upward trajectory in their learning and Yiras Shamayim. 

Please spread the word and donate at