Turkish Report: 11 Arrested After Mossad Spy Ring Uncovered

By Times of Israel
Posted on 05/23/23 | News Source: Times of Israel

Turkish intelligence has uncovered a cell of 15 people allegedly working for Israel’s Mossad against Iranian targets in the country, local media reports.

According to the Daily Sabah website, Turkey’s national intelligence agency, MIT, uncovered the 15-person cell after an 18-month operation. It includes at least one person who had received training in Israel, the report says.

The report says at least 11 people have been detained and searches are ongoing for other members.

The report identified the leader of the cell as Selçuk Küçükkaya, a local businessman, and released pictures of him.

Last year Turkey also claimed to have broken up a Mossad ring and put 15 people on trial for espionage.