Former MD COVID Advisor Recalls Massive Pushback Over 'Lab Leak' Theory During Hearing

By FOX45
Posted on 03/08/23 | News Source: FOX45

A former director of the Centers for Disease Control recalls the massive pushback he received as an early backer of the "lab leak" theory of the origin of the coronavirus.

“I think the most upsetting thing to me was the Baltimore Sun calling me a racist because i said this came from a Wuhan lab,” said Dr. Robert Redfield during congressional testimony.

Dr. Redfield was co-founder of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and also helped advise former Governor Larry Hogan on the state's rollout of the covid vaccine.

After three years, multiple virus variants, and 6.8 million worldwide deaths, there are still no definitive answers on the origins of COVID-19.

It's a question now being investigated by a new subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic, with new revelations about just how widespread the pushback was on the hypothesis the virus leaked from a lab.