Defense Minister Gallant Holds Situation Assessment

By BJLife Israel Newsroom
Posted on 01/28/23

This evening (Saturday, 28 January 2023) Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant held a situation assessment in a classified security location, together with the IDF Chief of the General Staff, Head of the ISA, and additional security officials.

Minister Gallant was briefed on the details of the recent events and the intel activities conducted by Israel’s security forces.

Minister Gallant instructed the defense establishment to assess a series of immediate actions to be taken against lone attackers and their enablers and families. In addition, Minister Gallant and the IDF Chief of the General Staff agreed on the need to reinforce and support efforts by the Israel police.

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant: “I instructed Israel’s defense establishment to increase defensive activities, particularly in the Jerusalem area, and to increase preemptive operations against anyone planning attacks on our citizens.

I instructed our professional echelon and legal teams to assess a series of possible sanctions against terrorists and their families. We will not allow a situation in which an individual who receives the benefits awarded by the State of Israel, goes on to murder Israeli citizens, and then continues to remain a resident of the State.”