United Airlines Suspending All Service at JFK Airport

Posted on 10/03/22 | News Source: CNN

United Airlines is temporarily halting service at New York’s JFK Airport, saying its schedule there is too small to remain competitive.

In a note shared with CNN Business, the airline said the start of the winter season, when more airlines resume flying to and from JFK, contributed to its “difficult decision.”

“The significance of JFK to our operation hasn’t changed — we think New York customers deserve more choices, and robust United service to JFK is good for our customers, our employees and our airline,” United said in the letter. “As a result, we will continue our pursuit of a bigger and more desirable schedule for our customers and be ready to seize those opportunities if and when they surface.”

United has been negotiating with the FAA to acquire additional slots, or takeoff and landing authorizations, at JFK and advocating for the agency to update its assessment of the airport’s capacity. United said its discussions with the regulator have been “constructive” and that it is clear the FAA is serious about operational improvements in the New York region.

But United said these improvements would take time.