Netanyahu: Lapid ‘Surrendered’ To Hezbollah With Lebanon Border Deal

Posted on 10/02/22 | News Source: JNS

Israeli opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday slammed Israel’s emerging maritime border agreement with Lebanon, accusing Prime Minister Yair Lapid of caving in to Hezbollah, according to local media reports.

“Yair Lapid shamefully surrendered to [Hezbollah chief Hassan] Nasrallah’s threats,” Netanyahu reportedly stated, adding: “He is giving Hezbollah sovereign territory of the State of Israel with a huge gas reservoir that belongs to you, the citizens of Israel.”

Netanyahu argued that Lapid was attempting to “pull a fast one” on the Israeli public by forging ahead with the accord without a public referendum, as is required by Israeli law before the government can cede sovereign territory.

In the event, Netanyahu said that he would not recognize the prospective deal as legally binding.

Israel Hayom reported on Sunday that Lapid intends to invoke a special article in the government’s bylaws that will allow the details of the agreement to remain confidential.