Gov. Noem: Biden Again Banning July 4 Fireworks at Mount Rushmore

By Newsmax
Posted on 06/29/22 | News Source: Newsmax

Gov. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., said the Biden administration again will prevent South Dakota from celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks at Mount Rushmore.

After the administration rejected Noem's permit request for fireworks last year, the state in September applied to hold fireworks at the national memorial this year. The request was denied.

"We are not going to be able to host those fireworks this year at Mount Rushmore. I am suing [President] Joe Biden and the White House over not allowing us to move forward with that. The fact is that they're violating federal law by not letting South Dakota celebrate our independence over that great monument," Noem said on "The Chad Prather Show."

"One of the reasons that they are doing that, I think, is specific to punishing South Dakota, but they claim lots of other reasons but they're ignoring federal law by denying us that permit."

Noem added that the state's tourism business, South Dakota's second largest industry, will suffer because of the administration's decision.

"It's a big opportunity for us every year to market or state, and get a lot of visitors to come in and see Mount Rushmore and all the other beautiful parts of the country that we have," Noem said. "By denying us that, it's not only important for our country to recognize those leaders and our independence. It's also important for our economy, too."

Under former President Donald Trump in 2020, fireworks were held at the popular national memorial for the first time since 2009.