Former Baltimorean Tamir Goodman Nets High Praise with his Newest Innovation (Videos & Photos)

By BJLife/Baruch Bitman
Posted on 03/23/22

Baltimore, MD – Mar. 23, 2022 - The Covid19 pandemic, while changing our daily lives dramatically, has also led to innovations and modernizations. This is not a credit to the devastating effects of the virus, but rather a credit to the human spirit and desire to help one another.

The traditional basketball net used today has not changed in over 130 years.  When Tamir Goodman of Baltimore’s Talmudical Academy and Towson State University basketball fame was informed that practice and play of the sport he loved would be interrupted, he looked for solutions. The probability of virus transmission through passing the ball from player to player inspired him to look to the  basketball net as  a possible answer.

His creation, the new Aviv net is made of a moisture wicking material that is not only antimicrobial to repel germs on the ball, it will also absorb up to 10x the amount of moisture as a traditional NBA net to help dry the ball for better play. Its innovative design includes other features as well to promote the enjoyment of the sport.

With a great display of paying-it-forward, Tamir described how his idea for and development of the Aviv basketball net stemmed from his desire to help others achieve better in the sport of basketball. Tamir proclaimed, “just as so many people have done great favors for me in my life, my prayer is that this net does great favors for players around the world… then I’ll be forever grateful and proud of this product.”

Tamir presented nets to Adi Topolosky of the Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville and her team the Cougars to honor her bravery in championing women's sports. He also presented nets to his former Towson University assistant coach Julius Allen, now of Morgan State University, honoring the diversity of people that are brought together through sports.

With strong emotion, Tamir thanked everyone who was involved in helping bring him to where he is today. We look forward to what new innovations Tamir will reveal next to improve the lives and enjoyment of sports players everywhere.