Planning a Trip to Eretz Yisrael? Read This Israel Entry FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 01/13/22 | News Source: Chaim V'Chessed

As of Sunday, January 9, Israel’s borders are open to many vaccinated or recovered tourists. However, many of the entry rules and regulations are confusing and complicated. The Chaim V’Chessed Bureaucratic Staff has prepared this helpful FAQ to ease your journey.

Israeli Citizens/ Permanent Residents

Israeli citizens or permanent residents (toshavei keva) may enter Israel, regardless of vaccination/recovery status.

Foreigners: Tourists and Visa Holders

Currently, travelers who are recognized as recovered/vaccinated by Israel may enter Israel, under certain conditions:



Recovery and Vaccinated


Special Exceptions

Foreigners who do not meet the requirements outlined above are barred from entering Israel.  Special entry permits are granted only in very limited circumstances. These currently include:

Prior to Travel to Israel


Leaving Israel

Please see here for complete details on entry to Israel.