Facebook Whistleblower Haugen: Shareholders Would Replace Zuckerberg If They Could

By Newsmax
Posted on 10/24/21 | News Source: Newsmax

Facebook’s shareholders would look for different leadership than that of its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg if they could, whistleblower Frances Haugen told The Observer over the weekend.

“I believe in shareholder rights and the shareholders, or shareholders minus Mark, have been asking for years for one share, one vote,” Haugen said. “And the reason for that is, I am pretty sure the shareholders would choose other leadership if they had an option.”

Haugen said  Zuckerberg has failed to show he can protect the public from the negative effects of his company, stressing that “he has all the control. He has no oversight and he has not demonstrated that he is willing to govern that company at the level that is necessary for public safety.”

Her remarks come as Facebook continues to find itself under increased scrutiny after an initial series by The Wall Street Journal revealed leaked documents from Haugen, the former Facebook product manager, indicating that the social media platform knew Instagram was harmful to some of its teenage users, failed to take steps to combat COVID-19 misinformation and was not doing enough to address cartels and traffickers using the platform, according to The Hill.