Denver Friends Celebrate Siyum on Masechta Sukkos (Video)

By BJL Staff
Posted on 09/26/21

Denver, CO - Sept. 26, 2021 - 4th day Chol HaMoaid Sukkos 5782 - The weather could not have been more appropriate for a Denver Daf Yomi siyum on Masechta Sukkos which took place this morning at the home of Effie & Simmie Sonstein in the Southeast section of the city.

One of the magidei shiur, Rabbi Dovid Gertz, delivered  divrei chizuk and bracha. The Hadran was said in unison by the chabura consisting of Effie Sonstein, Rick Gershater, Dimitri Kaufman , Rabbi Shaya Greiniman, and Reuven Wortrich.

Also in attendance were R’ Zvi Gelt, who also delivered divrei Torah and divrei chizuk, Yaakov Watkins, Kerry Berman and Steve Shapiro, Moishe Gertz, Shragie Gertz, Yair Greiniman, Yedidya Schiermeyer, and Moshe Tuchman.

The chabura was honored by the presence of
Rosh Kollel Rabbi Shachne Sommers, Rabbi Yaakov Meyer and Rabbi Menachem Siderson.

Among other gashmiyus included in today's repast,  the attendees enjoyed Simmie Sonstein’s amazing fresh sticky pecan cinnamon rolls.