IDF Chief Of Staff: We Thwarted Major Hamas Terror Attacks

By Arutz-7
Posted on 09/26/21 | News Source: Arutz-7

The Chief of the General Staff of the Israeli military, LTG Aviv Kohavi, lauded Israeli forces for their efforts against a Hamas terrorist cell in Samaria, saying the recent operation foiled planned attacks on Israeli targets.

On Sunday, Kohavi visited the IDF Judea and Samaria Division headquarters, following the gunfight with Hamas terrorists in the village of in Bruqin in Samaria overnight which left two soldiers, including one officer, seriously wounded.

During the visit, the commanders briefed Kohavi about the incident, and conducted a situational assessment in which the latest developments in the region and troop readiness for various scenarios were discussed.

Kohavi said the Israeli operation managed to thwart a number of planned “serious” terror attacks against Israel.

"First of all, I see that impressive operational activity took place here, thwarting the attempts of a cell that was on its way to carry out serious terrorist attacks; a precise operation based on quality intelligence together with the ISA - you have reached an important achievement.”

“Every week we arrest dozens of terrorists and operatives in activities that combine initiative, intelligence and advanced technology. Tonight, as per usual, impressive operational capabilities were demonstrated by ground forces and IDF troops.”

“At this point I would like to give my well-wishes for the fast recovery of the wounded soldiers from the night's incidents. We will continue to operate in every arena and region, ensuring the protection of the residents of Israel and keeping the Jewish holidays quiet and peaceful."