Uncertainty Hangs Over Germany On Eve Of Vote Ending Merkel Era

By i24
Posted on 09/26/21 | News Source: i24

hancellor makes a pitch for her center-right successor invoking 'stability'

Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to elect her would-be successor Armin Laschet for the sake of German stability, in a strong pitch for her party as candidates made their final bid for support hours ahead of Sunday's vote.

As hundreds of thousands of climate activists led by Greta Thunberg descended on streets across Germany to demand change and more protection for the environment, the outgoing Merkel acknowledged global warming was a major challenge.

But she said that protection was best achieved "not with bans and commands" but with technological progress, as she reminded voters that it mattered who led Europe's biggest power.

In a strong appeal to a predominantly older electorate, Merkel said: "To keep Germany stable, Armin Laschet must become chancellor, and the CDU and CSU must be the strongest force."