Siyum HaShas: Mazel Tov to Reb Shmuel Yehuda Stern Father of Mrs. Miri (Reb Binyamin) Blackman (Photos)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 09/23/21

Baltimore, Md – Sept. 23, 2021 – The Baltimore community was honored to participate in the Siyum HaShas for Reb Shmuel Yehuda Stern, father of Mrs. Miri (Reb Binyamin) Blackman.
Joining in the simcha was HaRav Nesanel Kostelitz, HaRav Yissachar Dov Eichenstein, HaRav Simcha Wein, and Rav Yaakov Frand, as well as many friends and family. The siyum took place in the Blackman's Sukkah.

At his customary 4 blatt a day, BJL looks forward to posting Reb Shmuel Yehuda’s next Siyum HaShas in 3 years, B’Azer HaShem.