Watch: New Release ‘V'haviosim’ by Baltimore's Own Yitzy Kaplowitz (Video)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 08/08/21

Baltimore, MD - Aug. 3, 2021  - ‘V'haviosim’ is the latest release from  singer, songwriter and guitarist YItzy Kaplowitz. As we prepare for Elul and the upcoming yemei hadin, enjoy the uplifting and energetic song and video featuring Baltimore based talent. May we be zoche to return to Yerushalayim Habenuyah with the binyan Bais Hamikdash b'mheirah b'yameinu.

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Available for download:

Video Credits:

Video Produced by: Avi Dear Visuals

Guitar and Vocals: Yitzy Kaplowitz

Violin: Pinny Schachter

Drums: Baruch Glazer

Sax: Jeremy Yaakov Englander

Music Credits:

Produced, Mixed and Mastered By Aryeh Kunstler Roar Recording Cedarhurst, NY

Vocals: Yitzy K, recorded at Hidden Light Studios Baltimore, MD

Guitars and Bass: Aryeh Kunstler

Drums: Barak Aharon

Violin: Jeremy Brown

Saxophone: Mark Fineberg