The Treatment Of Anti-Semitism In The United States Is Increasingly Politicized - Report

By i24
Posted on 08/01/21 | News Source: i24

Right and left mutually accuse each other of causing the phenomenon, report says

Media coverage of anti-Semitism in the United States last year indicates that the issue has become largely politicized, according to an Israeli study released on Sunday.

In his report "The Discourse on Antisemitism in the United States in the Mainstream Media in 2020," Lior Sirkis of the Tel Aviv Institute for National Security Studies found that "both sides of the political map are increasingly accusing each other of being responsible for the phenomenon. The right accuses the left of being responsible for anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, while the left attributes it to white right-wing supremacists."

The political divide also reflects divisions within the American Jewish community, Lior Sirkis wrote, which he says makes it difficult to agree on what anti-Semitism is, what causes it, and how to fight it.

This political divide is also visible in Israeli coverage of anti-Semitism in the United States. The Israel Hayom daily ran five editorials on left-wing anti-Semitism in 2020, while the left-wing Haaretz newspaper did not address the issue at all. It has, however, published opinions on anti-Semitism among right-wing Americans.

"The media also devoted considerable coverage to confrontations between the mayor of New York and the Jewish community over the latter's failure to comply with COVID-19 restrictions in the city," the report said.

According to Lior Sirkis, there were two periods in 2020 when the media covered anti-Semitism among black Americans: following the December 2019 anti-Semitic attacks in Monsey and Jersey City - both perpetrated by African Americans - and the protests after the murder of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer. In both cases, the press analyzed the hatred of Jews within certain black American communities.

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