Hospitalized Anti-Vaxxer: 'People Are Dying Here Like Flies, Go Get Vaccinated'

By Arutz-7
Posted on 07/31/21 | News Source: Arutz-7

Ofer, a man hospitalized in serious condition with coronavirus, wrote a heartfelt request to those who did not yet receive the coronavirus vaccine, begging them to vet vaccinated.

"I've been hospitalized for a week already in serious condition," he wrote. "Right now I'm in the ICU. There were nights when I was certain that that's it, I won't wake up in the morning."

"This is a horrible disease, it's not connected to flu at all. People beside me have died.

"The difference is this: People who were vaccinated also got infected - except that they were released home after two days, while I deteriorated more each second.

"The conclusion? Go get vaccinated. Yes yes, me, the big-time antivaxxer, is begging you - go get vaccinated. Don't take this lightly. I'm going through the seven levels of hell. I have no day and no night, I've lost ten kilograms (22 lbs) and when I get out I'll have a long rehab to go through."

Ofer added: "It's also an emotional scar that's going to last a long time. So all the side effects of Pfizer and how scary they are - who says we'll even have them - it's all stupid conspiracy theories."

"Use serious judgement, because it comes suddenly and without you noticing, you're in hell.

"You have the ability to prevent the known fall ahead of time, because we're all going to catch this. If it's not now, then in another month, and if it's in the winter, hopefully we won't bury anyone. People are dying here like flies, with terrifying screams.

"Think about it. I'm writing from bitter experience," he concluded.