Watch: Bikur Cholim of Baltimore is There for Everyone (Video)

By BJLife Newsroom
Posted on 08/03/21

Baltimore, Md - July 30, 2021  - Bikur Cholim of Baltimore was founded with one simple goal:

To serve the needs of people facing illness in the Jewish community, their families, as well as people coming from all over the world to Baltimore to receive medical care from our world-class medical institutions.

Bikur Cholim is so much more than just a chesed organization - it’s an institution built on the fundamental belief that patients should be able to focus on getting better, being assured that the community is there to assist in any way possible.

What keeps it all going?

Under the dynamic leadership of our Executive Director, Rabbi Pinchos Rabinowitz, and our Coordinator of Family Services, Bonnie Pollak, Bikur Cholim of Baltimore has grown tremendously and even thrived through the recent pandemic remaining committed to the community and to our medical staff and stepping up to the new challenges the pandemic created. This included organizing food for those hospitalized, shoppers for those stuck at home, providing PPE for medical personnel, teleconferences with experts to answer the myriad of questions plaguing the community throughout the pandemic, and most importantly distributing over 5500 shots to vaccinate the community!

Although we have many volunteers helping with our efforts, the bulk of the expenses fall on us. The funds from this campaign will go directly to the plethora of community programs we are committed to providing:

• Fully stocked kosher pantries in 6 area hospitals servicing patients, family members, and the medical personnel taking care of them

• Transportation for those in need of rehabilitation, medical appointments, or other out-patient services.

• Arranging for volunteers to visit hospitalized patients to provide emotional support and comfort.

• Providing Shabbos Packages for those stuck in the hospital as well as arranging shabbos accommodations for family to be with them.

• Using our established relationships with the finest specialists in their fields to give medical referrals and make sure patients get the best possible care

•Purchasing or lending medical equipment of all types out to patients in need.

Our passion is what has allowed us to grow to serve the many needs of the community. Please partner with us to continue providing for the needs of the sick and in that zechus, not need these services ourselves!

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