Rep. Cheney Warns Middle Class Will Ultimately Pay For Biden Infrastructure Plan

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 04/12/21 | News Source: Newsmax

Rep. Liz Cheney R-Wyo.,  chair of the House GOP Conference, warned Sunday that President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan will ultimately wind up raising taxes on the middle class.

In an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” Cheney said the whole bill will have to be “redone” if it’s going to win bipartisan support.

“You are certainly going to see in addition to the corporate tax increases in the bill, you’ll see middle-class tax increases,” she said of the $2.3 trillion proposal.”

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“This is a pattern that we watch the Democrats use time and again, where they massively increase spending,” she said. “They massively expand the size and scope of the federal government, and then they come back around and impose middle-class tax increases. So those are not things that we support, not things that I support.”

To get the bill to a place where it will garner support will require an overhaul, she said.

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