NYC Will Run Out Of COVID-19 Vaccines By Friday, De Blasio Warns

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 01/19/21 | News Source: NY Post

New York City is slated to run out of the coveted COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the week — and that will force the Big Apple to start closing its injection sites and cancel appointments, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned Tuesday.

“We are running out of vaccine and we need it desperately,” de Blasio said during a City Hall press briefing. “At the rate we are going, we will begin to run out this Thursday and we will have nothing left to give as of Friday.”

De Blasio said that if the city does not get a new supply of the two-dose coronavirus vaccines from companies Pfizer and Moderna, “we will have to cancel appointments and no longer give shots after Thursday.”

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“This is crazy,” Hizzoner declared. “This is not the way it should be.”

The mayor said the city is getting a “small supply” of just 53,000 doses this week, leaving city-run sites with just 116,000 doses available until a new supply comes in next week.

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