Trump Campaign Takes Over YouTube Masthead

By Staff Reporter
Posted on 10/25/20 | News Source: The Hill

President Trump's campaign took over YouTube's masthead on Sunday, placing a 7-figure ad buy to secure some of the most coveted and pricey real estate on the internet.

The 24-hour takeover features five different ads, with two spots promoting Trump’s support among Black and Latino voters, and three spots attacking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on taxes, the former vice president's mental sharpness, and Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

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By Nov. 3, the Trump campaign will have secured the YouTube masthead 20 times this cycle, including on Election Day. Most recently, the Trump campaign took over YouTube for eight days in August for both the Democratic and Republican conventions.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and the masthead has more daily reach than CNN and MSNBC combined. Read more at The Hill