Important Update Aug. 7, 6:24 PM - Rabbi Dr Glatt Shares Update on Previous Post Regarding Camp Shoresh & Covid Concerns

By Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt
Posted on 08/07/20

[Ed. Note: Shoresh Sports Camp in PA, referred to below, has absolutely no association with Camp Shoresh Day Camp in MD]

As I have gotten numerous questions about this original email that I sent out, I will provide additional follow-up about it to try and address some of the issues I have been asked about.

I have also spoken with the leadership of Camp Shoresh. While my email did not in any way imply that they were not cooperating with the DOH, I just wanted to specifically state clearly that they have been cooperating from the beginning with the DOH in PA and that they have been very proactive in addressing this. Indeed, I connected the Nassau County DOH with the camp leadership, and the Commissioner was very thankful. The Nassau County Commissioner stated the camp leadership has been very forthright and helpful to him.

We expected and prepared for the eventuality that with sleepaway camps opening, there could possibly be cases that would have to be dealt with. This has the potential to be occurring in other camps as well, as I have publicly stated numerous times, and we need to be aware of this potential. We are currently seeing the same number of new COVID-19 cases in Nassau County daily, ~ 40-60 /day, but there is a great concern in the DOH that we could lose this good standing very quickly with an outbreak. Hence the DOH felt there was a pressing need to have this information disseminated today. There are 8 proven new cases in Nassau County, all directly related to this one particular camp, through no fault of that camp.

Children coming from this camp, and probably many other camps, need to be quarantined till we can ascertain that there is no problem. In addition, there are children who have prior COVID-19 exposure and / or antibodies that pose a much lower risk, and these cases need to be individualized. That is why children returning from camp need to be evaluated by their pediatrician with an individual decision made based upon the situation the child was in, the incidence of COVID (known or unknown) in the camp, any symptoms the child has, plus the COVID-19 history. Hence, as I stated, medical advice and COVID-19 testing should be sought as appropriate.

I hope this clarifies several points.

Have a wonderful Shabbos.

Aaron Glatt