The designer of the “Tax the Rich” Met Gala dress worn by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is not practicing that preaching, relying on unpaid interns and reportedly taxing her employees’ income but not sending the money to the government.

The parent company of Aurora James’ Brother Vellies fashion brand, Cultural Brokerage Agency, has three open tax warrants in New York state, 15 total warrants since 2015, and six federal liens from the IRS in 2018-’19 totaling $103,220, citing “failure to remit employee payroll taxes,” the New York Post reported.

“Just because they take it out of your paycheck doesn’t mean they’re sending it to the government,” Baruch College taxation lecturer David Cenedella told the Post after reviewing the liens. “It’s certainly not something you want. I would not say your average business out there has this. Something went wrong.”

The IRS declined to comment to the Post’s request for a response.... Read More: Newsmax