Baltimore County Inspector General Kelly Madigan issued her second annual report when she spoke with WBAL's C4 and Dan Joseph Tuesday morning. She said that her office, which consists herself and an assistant, received 83 complaints and opened a file on 14 of them.

Madigan believes her best contribution to the administration was the return on investment, and she calculated that her office costs each Baltimore County resident about 35 cents for the fiscal year 2021.

Regarding how some people view her and her office, Madigan said, "Compliance is not always popular…My job is to protect Baltimore County's taxpayers dollars...I try to do it fairly and respectfully, but sometimes I have to ask tough questions and that's what I was hired to do."

An argument by some Baltimore County Officials is that Madigan does not have someone to hold her accountable, which she responds as "not true."... Read More: WBAL