Jerusalem, Israel - Jan. 15, 2018 - On a cold and wet Sunday evening, the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce (OJC) Israel Anglo Networking evening took place at the King David Hotel (KDH) in Jerusalem, Israel.

The OJC launched its Israel Division by hosting an Anglo Business Networking Event. The program was geared toward facilitating networking between business owners in all industries, and particularly those within the Anglo-Israeli business sector.

OJC's stated mission is to help people interact and make new connections, and to foster existing relationships. OJC founder and CEO, Duvi Honig, has held large networking events in the US, but this was the first one OJC held in Israel.

David Walles, head of the successful travel company, Eddie's Kosher Travel, flew from Israel to an earlier OJC networking event in the United States. Walles attended the KDH launch event with his wife and business partner Chana Walles. "It is important to support Orthodox business leaders in fulfilling their business development"  said Walles, which was one of the reasons Eddie's Kosher Travel was a sponsor of the evening.

Time was allotted for General Networking, Speed Networking, and Women in the Workforce Networking.

Sarah Kraft, CEO of Chai Retreats, and Pamela Newman, CEO of ISS Action security firm, were two of the business women attending. Women participants were few in number; however Penina Eichler and May Golan were involved in coordinating the event. 

Emcee Yehuda Freilich, OJC Executive Israel Committee Member, noted in his opening remarks when he made aliyah he worked in the US and traveled back and forth to Israel regularly. Freilich stressed the importance of providing opportunities for those making aliyah to have work available to them in Israel.

The keynote speaker, former Member of Knesset and Minister Gideon Saar, spoke of Jerusalem and its importance to the Jewish people throughout history. "We must build in Jerusalem," Saar concluded. Saar told the audience that since his son was born four years ago he has kept Shabbat, for which he received applause.

Honig advised the business leaders filling the meeting room to have a good profile page on Linked-In.  Honig said he posted a message on Linked-in, and it only took four hours to form the OJC community for the event. Moreover, as a global community, businesses have more potential to effect change on a governmental level.

Sheldon Ritz, Director of Operations at the King David Hotel, accepted an award from OJC on behalf of the KDH, as the 2017 Business of Year.

The final speaker of the night, business adviser and OJC Ambassador Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg was entertaining, and provided tips for success and growing income.

Jerusalem Business Networking Forum (JBNF) under Joe Van Zwaren worked closely with OJC in promoting the event, which resulted in an impressive turnout.

Other sponsors of this OJC networking business event included the United Mizrachi Bank, Janglo, and the Israel Video Network, represented by CEO Avi Abelow, a former Baltimore resident.

An OJC Innovation Expo and Conference is set for Tijuana, Mexico, from March 19-22, 2018.