Jerusalem, Israel - Oct. 26, 2017 - Aliyah Day was established in 2016, by the Israeli Knesset to honor contributions of olim in the development of Israel. The date selected was Marcheshvan 7, to coincide with parsha Lech Lecha.

Many immigrants to Israel change professions and look to find new avenues and challenges, some they never would have imagined in their former homes. A lucky few are able to take their training and talents and use them to help others in their new homes in Israel.

Inspired by the Zero Waste movement in 2012, and a job advertisement for a couple who were looking to downsize before making aliyah, Rebekah Saltzman, a graphic designer, with a degree in Fashion Design from Parson School of Design, quit her job, and started a personal organization company. 

In 2014, Saltzman made aliyah with her husband and three children from New York City to Haifa.

Recently Saltzman was in Jerusalem, at PICO, a shared work space used for community evening events, to share her expertise with an overflow crowd wanting to learn tips to organize.

Saltzman says, " I believe that the way you can reduce your clutter is by taking a hard look at what clutter really is, trash, objects that come into your home either by accident or on purpose, they have little to no value, and they don't have a place to  live in your home. When you find a real place for all your objects to live, and only keep those that are truly useful, you have less clutter, more space, time, and energy for others in your life." 

Clutter is trash, buy second hand and recycle, everything must have a place or it is clutter and stop purchasing are key elements. Dedicate time to organize and gather unused items to donate to charities are also important. According to Saltzman, her typical client has two trash bags of giniza to dispose of after she has helped declutter their homes.

Most olim from North America move into smaller residences and have too much "stuff." Today, Saltzman is helping people organize their homes and helps to reduce waste. BalaganBeGone is apt name of the service she offers.

Rebekah Chaifetz Saltzman grew up in Silver Spring, MD,  attended the Hebrew Academy of Greater Washington and graduated from the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. 

Saltzman has a growing online presence through Facebook group Organizing in Israel and on Instagram as @balaganbegone, where you can see her “2017 in 2017” campaign. Her website is

Also Saltzman can be found on Akeres Habayis, the shiur hotline, 421, with over 30 episodes, every Wednesday for women  212.444.1900 

Included in photo essay are screen shots of Salzman's slides at PICO workshop, where people came for hone and business organization ideas.

Saltzman concluded her presentation by saying, "Keep only what is truly important and useful to you, it all comes from Hashem, what we need."