Jerusalem, Israel - July 18, 2017 - A new yeshivah, Torah L'Maaseh, will be opening Elul 5777, in Yerushalayim.  BJL interviewed founders for details and insights to the new and exciting program designed for young men, English speaking, and 18-25-years-old.

What is unique about your program, making it different from other Yeshivos?  

"The curriculum. It's different, because it's hands-on and relevant. Talmidim learn inside, they experience it, and they live Torah. For example, a talmid is encouraged, after visiting the Mishkan Hatcheles factory, and learning the halachos. to learn to tie their own tzitzis,

Before Pesach, we make our own matzos. In the past, the most common question was, "Why would it rise if there is no yeast?" In the Torah L'Maaseh program, part of the curriculum is to first bake sourdough bread with talmidim during the year. When it's time to bake matzah, they understand the process. Talmidim can delve into the halachos and be more present in the learning.

Rav Avi Grossman wants his talmidim to learn, to think, and to know where to find the answers. that's why all questions are acceptable."



What about the Israel experience?

"We are a program within an Israeli yeshivah, Yeshivat Ramot, where the derech of learning is compatible. The Torah L'Maaseh talmidim, dorm, eat, learn, and join their activities from the start. This plus an intensive ulpan class provides the young men an advantage over other English speaking yeshivos.  Hebrew immersion also effects the level of learning, and ability to connect and create lasting relationships with the Israelis. An advantage, if  they want make aliyah, or for future visits to Israel."  

Please elaborate on the style of learning at Torah L'Maaseh?

"Study is personalized and customized. Talmidim can learn what interests them, and ask their burning questions, while delving into the parts of Torah they always wanted to explore. The Rosh Yeshiva meets with every student on a regular basis to learn. Talmid and Rebbe relationships are warm and open."

Yerushalayim has many yeshivos, is there anything else you would like parents of future talmidim to know?

"We are on top of security concerns at all times. From Ramot, it is a short bus ride into the center of Yerushalayim. Finally, most yeshiva programs charge $25,000, we charge $18,000. and offer discounts on request."

Torah L'Maaseh - Learning through Experience

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