Jerusalem, Israel - Jan. 13, 2016 - Emunah, the National Religious Women's Organization, was founded in 1935. In honor of its 80th year, President Reuven Rivlin hosted a delegation of Emunah World and Israel leaders at Beit Hanasi on Monday afternoon.

President Rivlin has the custom to go around the room as he enters and shake the hands of his guests. For this group, Rivlin acknowledged that only those who wish should offer their hands.

Emunah in Israel operates a network of 140 daycare centers, serving 9,000 children. Among its educational institutions are 19 midrashot for women, including Midreshet Emunah and Lehava Centers for the Study of the Jewish Home. English-speaking groups and volunteer activities throughout Israel, as well as a National Service program are sponsored by Emunah. For its work, Emunah was awarded the Israel Prize.

Liora Minka, Israel Emunah chairperson, and Dina Hahn, World Emunah chairperson, spoke as representatives of the group, which included heads of schools and volunteer leaders. Two students, one past and one presently in an Emunah institution, spoke of how their lives are better for their education and support from Emunah.

David Hadari, CEO Emunah Israel, read the prayer for the state from a glass plaque before presenting it to the President as a gift. 

Women active in Emunah over the decades, from Australia, Ireland, England and United States, were present, including Jerusalem resident Judy Pachino, originally from Baltimore.