Unless something changes dramatically in the near future, Iran will soon become a nuclear threat. Although it may not have a nuclear bomb immediately, it will have the capacity to produce one, the moment it decides to.

Meanwhile, in the past few months Iran has made significant progress towards achieving nuclear capacity, and now has over 120 kilograms of uranium enriched to 20%. It is estimated that if no one intervenes, within a few weeks, Iran will have enough enriched uranium to produce one nuclear bomb.

The raw materials are not enough, however, and Iran will need to continue developing its reactor, as well as conduct experiments and complete the long-range missile project so that it can launch its nuclear warheads. According to Israel Hayom, if the status quo continues, Iran could complete these processes within a year or two.

Sources in Israel noted that Iran's progress has been slow and step-by-step so as not to infuriate the West and prompt a reaction - such as heavy sanctions or a real military threat - that may endanger the nuclear program.... Read More: Arutz-7