Ex-Justice Minister assumes control of the New Right party, calls for alliance with United Right as polls show joint list winning 12 seats.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked will lead the New Right party, former Education Minister and incumbent New Right chairman Naftali Bennett announced at a party meeting Sunday evening, with plans for Shaked to lead a joint ticket with the United Right party.

Speaking at an event hall in Kfar Maccabiah Sunday night, Shaked announced that she had taken control of the New Right.

“There was no right-wing party running in the next election led by a woman – but now there is,” Shaked told party activists.

Emphasizing unity on the Right, Shaked called for an alliance of parties to the right of the Likud.

“Just now we’re ending the fast of the 17th of Tammuz, a day which forever reminds us that we were exiled from land and lost our independence because of baseless hatred. That won’t happen again. Even when we disagree, we will know how to maintain mutual respect and remember that we’re family.”

“We’ve learned from our mistakes, and we’ve learned our lesson. We will put before you clear leadership, with political courage – with my partner, Naftali Bennett.”

“Under my leadership, the New Right party will not be running in the shadow of other parties, but as a party aspiring for the reins of national leadership, and to ensure a right-wing victory.”

“I call… the leaders of the parties to the ideological right of the Likud, some of whom are my good friends: yes there are disagreements between us, but they are nothing compared to the challenges ahead of us. Unity is the moral and ideological Right’s insurance policy, and we have to follow through on it.”

“Together, under my leadership, we will become a powerful force, a force that will lead the Jewish people with strength and faith. A single, large union – an alliance of good people, with healthy values and courageous actions.”

Former Education Minister Bennett, who had reached an agreement with Shaked, said that he would be stepping aside as leader of the New Right to allow Shaked to lead the party – and potentially an expanded United Right.

“My place in the party isn’t so important, I could be first, second or even third,” said Bennett.

“I believe that she will lead us to a great victory.”

“Ayelet Shaked will lead the New Right – and the entire United Right.”