Join us for our next Telekosher Conference Series, Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 12 Noon ET, when STAR-K Kashrus Administrator Rabbi Zvi Holland joins host Rabbi Zvi Goldberg to discuss, “STAR-K in the U.A.E.”, in addition to answering YOUR open line questions. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Now that the Abraham Accords have opened a world of opportunity for kosher supervision and travel in the U.A.E., join us for a fascinating discussion with Rabbi Holland on his recent return from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. His talk will address:

  • How STAR-K supervises U.A.E. productions
  • The accessibility of kosher food/Cholov Yisroel in the U.A.E
  • U.A.E. travel safety

STAR-K’s exciting new educational Ki Heim Chayeinu video series will also be discussed.

Rabbi Holland is Director of Special Projects at STAR-K. He is a Mesader Gittin, holds an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is licensed in Maryland as an LGPC.

Questions are encouraged from the listening audience. You can ask questions via chat during the show.  You can also email us questions prior to the show at . The conference will run for approximately 45 minutes.

Online: Live via the web - register here

Phone: call 1 (267) 279-9000 and enter conference 628757486#

Clickwebinar App Event ID: 591-559-695

Mark your calendars! STAR-K's ongoing WebKosher Conference Series is generally scheduled at noon ET on the last Wednesday of each month. Classes are archived at and on Vimeo