Paris, France; Milan, Italy; New York City, and in Israel, Tel Aviv, are known leaders in fashion trends and hosting elaborate successful fashion weeks.
For the first time, Jerusalem, Israel held a special fashion event, hosted at the Tower of David Museum,(ToD) from July 16-20. The Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and the Jerusalem Municipality joined with the Tower of David Museum staff under Museum Director and Chief Curator Dr. Eliat Lieber to present the first edition of OVERALL.

OVERALL, promoted as more than a fashion show or fashion week, included a conference that explored global issues of consumption, sustainability, and communal responsibility within the fashion world and showcased innovative Israeli solutions. 

“One of the things that both unites and characterizes Jerusalem is the blend of old and new, ancient and modern. OVERALL is a cultural event, the first of its kind in Israel, that integrates a wide range of disciplines by selected designers - art, fashion, design and other fields, where this blend and integration of crafts reflect the uniqueness of Jerusalem," stated Sarit Goldstein, Director General, Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage.

Leading experts dealt with current challenges that the fashion industry faces in light of "new" consumers. One panel introduced by Caroline Shapiro of ToD International Public Relations, had OVERALL artistic directors Shelly Satat-Kombor and Shachar Arwan, in attendance along with guest fashion writers who came from England, Italy and Russia.

Atnyel Guedj, an expert for sustainable supply chains discussed the link between the environment and fashion. Shay Herchcovici, with SONOVIA, explained Sono-finishing revolutionary ultrasonic fabric finishing technology. Using nanotechnology on textiles, durable up to 100 washings, their process gives an anti-bacterial coating to the fabric. The medical uses are obvious, however, imagine no more smelly socks or vile sports bags.

TWINE Solutions is an Israeli technology startup that has developed a proprietary and revolutionary digital on-demand thread dyeing system and a digital dye-to-match color application.  Possible for 120,000 shades of thread, quicker delivery, and their dyeing process would save hundreds of gallons of water used by conventional dyeing methods.

Yamit Naftali, Head of Economic and International Research at the Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, discussed the circular economy, model to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

In 20 locations spread throughout the ToD complex exhibits included a knitting machine, shoemaking, jewelry making, fashion sketching, t-shirt designing, workshops with Palestinian embroidery experts, weaving, and 3D printed shoes.  Blue threads and red threads were recurring themes in the costumes created and activities. One social initiative greeted visitors as they entered the ToD for this free of charge event. ZotZot, an organization employing female rehabilitated prisoners, made souvenir pins to give away. 

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion was one of the speakers before the Wednesday night program of entertainment launch of OVERALL.

One of the featured panels of female bloggers was titled "Instagram Kosher Le'Mehdrin."  Trend leaders from the Israeli religious Hebrew language community, Bracha Ben Haim, Rivka Aharon, Sol Schvarcz, Orit Shoam Raived, and Dr. Mitpachat, discussed how the religious public and their families accept their unique occupation and how they balance personal boundaries on social media. Growing tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, without Facebook in their communities, these women have built strong and loyal followings. 

“Jerusalem is a diverse and creative city and the tourist who arrives today to Jerusalem experiences the authenticity of the city, in addition to the religious and historic elements. Original events like OVERALL which connect to the diversity and uniqueness of Jerusalem are an additional way to tell the story of Jerusalem and expose it to new populations,” said Ilanit Melchior, Director of Tourism for the Jerusalem Development Authority. 

With 3D printed shoes on display next to the 4,000-year-old stones of the Tower of David, layers of history come to life with this 'collective' of people, textiles, jewelry, and process techniques.