Jerusalem - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday met with the leadership of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America at the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem. The group included leaders from the US and Canada

They discussed the need to increase and expand initiatives focused on Jewish education and identity in the Diaspora. Netanyahu said that the Israeli government under his leadership has invested tens of millions of dollars in these programs, but he agreed this priority deserved more funding and more should be done.

The Israeli premier thanked the OU leaders for their support of Israel and for the advancing of relations between Israel and the US and declared it was now time for Israel to give back.

“It is time that instead of Israel receiving from the Diaspora, we are now giving back. We are increasing the support to tens of millions of dollars, but it is not enough, we need to do more,” Netanyahu said.

The response from OU leaders was optimistic.

“I was very much encouraged by the Prime Minister’s commitment to Jewish students in the diaspora. We look forward to continuing to partner with him and the State of Israel to expose all Jews to their heritage,” said OU President Moishe Bane following the meeting. Read more at VINnews