A new initiative has been spreading on social media to put a stop to the Facebook group “Rise Up Ocean County,” an anti semitic group dedicated to stopping the growth of Orthodox families in New Jersey.

Read below for the text of the forwarded message:


Rise Up Ocean County is an Ocean County anti-Semitic group dedicated to demonizing Orthodox Jews.

Their hate has been condemned by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and many others. They use a cruel mix of insinuation, outright lies, and anti-Semitic stereotypes to spread its message; its members have written many thousands of hate-filled, anti-Semitic comments on Facebook.

They hide behind the veil of free speech, even as they use open anti-Semitic language, calling all Orthodox Jews cockroaches, locusts, thieves, people who smell, and demeaning Orthodox Jews in every way possible.

Their hate is leading to violence – we have already seen an increase in local physical attacks on Jews.

Facebook is responsible for hosting this hate speech – and you can get them to stop!

YOU CAN STOP THE HATE. Send Facebook a message they cannot ignore.

Go to Rise Up Ocean County’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/riseupoceancounty/and report EVERY biased comment and post there. Go back as far as you can – the more reports on each post and comment, the better.


To report a hateful post:

At the top right corner of the post, you will see three dots that look like this: …
CLICK on the dots.
CLICK “give feedback on this post”
SELECT “hate speech” and CLICK send
CLICK “report post”
SELECT “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” and CLICK continue
SELECT “something else” and CLICK continue
SELECT “This insults or attacks someone based on their religion” and CLICK continue
CLICK “Submit to Facebook for Review”

To report a hateful comment:
HOVER to the right of the comment and CLICK the three dots that look like this: …
CLICK “give feedback or report on this comment”
SELECT “Hate Speech” and CLICK send
CLICK “report comment”
SELECT “I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook” and CLICK continue
SELECT “it’s harassment or hate speech” and CLICK continue
SELECT “a religious group”
CLICK “submit to Facebook for Review”

It’s important that we prove to Facebook how many reports were submitted. You will receive an acknowledgment from Facebook for each report. Please email a screenshot of your acknowledgment to stopthehate360@gmail.com.

The more people who report each post and comment, the more effective our campaign will be to stop the hate. The further back people go to old posts and comments, the better. Let Facebook know they are spreading poison and it must stop!

This campaign is not limited to Ocean County. Decent people anywhere can take a few minutes to make a difference. Please send this to your entire email list so others too can help with this.

Together we can stop the hate!