Baltimore, MD - Feb 13, 2016 - This past Sunday, Feb 7th, was an historic day for Mesivta Neimus Hatorah. Well over 200 members of the community, parents, and alumni, along with local Rabbonim, joined the entire yeshiva   in celebration of its new home.  

Formerly Congregation Bais Issac of Millbrook, and led for years by Rabbi Manuel Poliakoff, ZT’L, the nearly 12,000 sq. ft. Shul was purchased by the yeshiva in September to serve as its campus. Since then, it has undergone various renovations and improvements in order to create a proper school setting.

The event,  sponsored by Mr. Avi Bernstein of  BDMG and Mr. Daniel Ely of  RIG Capital Funding , was held in the large, sparkling, dining area, which was adorned with a huge banner, stand up posters, and a variety of pictures depicting life in the yeshiva.

Video Credit: Akiva Fordsham

The program began with HaRav Sheftel Neuberger, shlita, Menahel of Yeshivas Ner Yisrael, reciting Tehillim. Rabbi Laib Schulman, Menahel and Founder of Mesivta Neimus Hatorah, began his address by thanking everyone who had attended, as well as those who had been involved in the numerous arrangements.  He spoke about the shul’s history as a makom Torah u’tefilah, led for many years by Rabbi Manuel  Poliakoff, ZT’L, after which he expressed appreciation to the shul board for making sure the shul would remain a makom kodesh. He ended with thanks to the members of the board for their constant support, as well their efforts in the process of acquiring the building. He then  introduced  eleventh grader Akiva Davidson to recite the final Mishna of Seder Nezikin, which had been studied by the  boys in the weeks leading up to the event, followed by senior Yosef Berkowitz to recite the hadran.

HaRav Aharon Feldman, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel, then addressed the gathering. He praised the yeshiva for helping to unlock the potential of young men who want to learn but have not yet found the right place.  He expressed hope that the new building should serve as a “mishkan” for the boys, and ended with a brachah for siyata dishmaya and continued success.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Chaim Nosson (Nate) Segal of Torah Umesorah, who compared building the Bais Hamikdash, which infuses kedushah into raw materials, to the development of a child in yeshiva. He spoke about the importance of a yeshiva like Neimus HaTorah, and how every talmid is treated like he is the only talmid. He ended his powerful talk with story about the Klausenberger Rebbe, and what it means to use one’s kochos to the fullest.

Following Rabbi Segal’s address, a special video presentation about the yeshiva was shown. The video, produced by talmid Akiva Fordsham, mesmerized the crowd with its portrayal of what makes the yeshiva special.  The event ended with attendees joining the hanhalah, talmidim, and alumni in a spirited dance. It was a fitting close to an incredible and inspiring morning.  

“A beautiful event” was the sentiment heard over and over again from  participants who left with a renewed appreciation for Mesivta Neimus Hatorah.

The yeshiva is grateful to the numerous people involved in the Chanukas Habayis. Special thanks to Mrs. Chavi Wealcatch for giving hours of her time – both in arranging the buffet, as well as the spectacular setup , along with all the women who baked and volunteered their time.  Thanks to senior Yitzy Bengio for the delicious sushi platter and baked ziti, along with tenth-grader Dovy Wakzul for preparing scrambled eggs. Thanks to Moshe Heideman for an outstanding job with all the marketing and advertising material. Finally, kudos to the talmidim of MNH for all their hard work in getting the building into shape. Whether cleaning, hauling, repairing, or shoveling snow, they  were ready to help.  Indeed, they have been playing an important role in setting up and maintaining the building since the move back in September.

The Chanukas Habayis may be over, but all are welcome to stop by for a visit. The yeshiva is located at 4398 Crest Heights Rd, with Shacharis 8am, Mincha 2:40 pm (Sunday 1:45pm) and Maariv 8:30pm. For close to a decade, Mesivta Neimus Hatorah has been serving high-school aged young men who have yet to find success in a mainstream setting. For more info, please call 443-334-5616/301-300-17, email, or go to

Photo Credit: abishvideoproduction