Baltimore, MD - Jan. 19, 2016 - It's been a while since our last update. Here's the latest at Mesivta Neimus Hatorah



As most of you know, the yeshiva purchased the Bais Issac shul in the Millbrook neighborhood of Baltimore early this year. Although we started the year in our new home, the setup is an ongoing process. One thing is for certain- everyone is enjoying the nearly 12,000 square feet we now occupy, and cramped quarters are hopefully a thing of the past. We have completed some important renovations/repairs over the first few months of the year, including  fixing the roof and electrical improvements. We recently built two beautiful classrooms, and we are about to get started on a third. Our fitness/recreation room is taking shape, with a pool table, air-hockey, and various workout equipment already in place.  We look forward to many new additions in the coming months.Thanks to Avi Bernstein and Sachie Fishman of BDMG for overseeing all the work. The boys have really pitched in  with  moving furniture, repairs, schlepping seforim, trash disposal-and yes, landscaping.  Kudos to senior and "Master Chef"Yitzy Bengio for all the delicious food he's prepared as well his superb  managing of the kitchen.  

The boys are b"h learning well, with Rabbi Lipsky's shiur learning Maseches Brochos, and the oldest grades learning Perek Lulav Hagazul. There has been a great response to our mishnayos bifnim program, in which the boys, with the help of the rebbeim, have been pairing up to learn Seder Nezikin. The learning takes place during night seder, and a number of boys have been learning on their own time! There are just a few perakim left in Nezikin, and no doubt the boys  won't stop there. Special thanks to Rabbi Sholom Weingot for his regular visits to offer divrei chizuk, as well as participating in our  annual Chanukah mesibah. Also stopping by has been Rabbi Zvi Teichman, and Rabbi Mordechai Bamberger.

We are continuing our ongoing relationship with Shemesh, a Special Education resource organization. In recent days, school consultant Mrs. Gila Haor has visited the school to observe each class, followed up with an interactive staff  training session. This also serves as a reinforcement of the Hidden Sparks training program that our members of our staff took last summer. Rabbi Nosson Berman, our school guidance counselor has succesfully implemented his Leadership Training Initiative. Through video presentations, group discussion, and experiential activities, the boys are taught leadership qualities and social skills. Our reading specialist, Mr. Shachne Ely, has been working with a number of boys during the afternoon hours, and we are pleased with the progress they are making.

As always,our ninth-grade rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Lipsky has been spearheading our "beyond the classroom" activities". As mentioned before, the boys have taken, under his supervision, an active role in creating a proper school setting in our building.Of note is clearing trees and growth in  the backyard, to make room for our basketball and volleyball courts. They have also set up the computer lab, fixed a basketball hoop, and put fitness equipment together. Once again, we've partnered with Masada Tactical and have begun a self-defense class one night a week. Last year, many boys participated in a gymnastics class off site. As soon as purchase the proper equipment,we will be starting it up again. This time, we will have the instructor come to our building.. There were a number of presentations, including a talk on bike care by Bernie of Pikesville Bicycles, and an inspirational presentation by Mr. Neal Freed of Freed Photography. Thanks to Rabbi Meir Kurcfeld of the Star-K for his demonstration on how to kosher a kitchen.

Finally, on Sunday morning, February 7th, at 10am, we will be hosting a Chanukas Habayis at our new home. Alumni, local Rabbonim and friends will join us as we celebrate this milestone. It will also be an opportunity for members of the community to observe the yeshiva up close.  The boys will be making a siyum in honor of the event, and a video, produced by our very own Akiva Fordsham will be shown. Guest speaker-Rabbi CHaim Nosson(Nate) Segal of Torah Umesorah. Refreshents will be served. Looking forward to greeting you there!

In the meantime, we invite everyone to stop by for a visit! The building is located in the Millbrook neighborhood at 4398 Crest Heights Road, Baltimore MD 21215. Shacharis is at eight, Mincha at 2:40 (Sunday 1:45) and Maariv is at 8:30.