The Thanksgiving travel season is here, and TSA is advising travelers to follow certain steps during one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

TSA officials shared expectations and travel tips for the Thanksgiving period from travelers using BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport this week.

TSA is predicting that the Thanksgiving travel period is expected to be the busiest travel period in several years, reaching levels not seen since the COVID-19 pandemic. Deputy Federal Security Director Grant Goodlett said that TSA is expected to screen 30 million passengers during the travel period, which runs from November 17 to November 30.

Goodlett said that the three busiest days will be Tuesday, November 21, Wednesday, November 22, and Sunday, November 26. TSA projects to see 35,000 travelers each day on Tuesday and Wednesday, and it projects to see 40,000 travelers on Sunday.... Read More: FOX45