Getting ready for Passover in Israel this holiday season might be a little harder this year due to some meat shortages across the country.

With Ramadan around the corner and Passover falling not so far afterward, many people, Jews and Muslims, are stocking up their homes with food and people should expect to see shortages of both chicken and beef as well as higher prices.

"Just before the holiday, food prices are rampant," Chairman of the Israel Beitenu party MK Avigdor Lieberman wrote on his Twitter with a screenshot from Walla! of food prices on chickens. "Finance Minister Smotrich is in Paris, Deri is busy with Deri Law 1 and 2 and Netanyahu is busy with legislation that will allow him to receive gifts. This lawlessness comes at the expense of all the citizens of Israel."

This isn't the first time Israel saw a shortage of meat.... Read More: JPost