A new poll conducted for the haredi news website Kikar Hashabbat has revealed extremely high support for the government's judicial reform package among the haredi population, despite dire warnings from those on the Left that the reforms will lead to economic hardship.

The poll surveyed over a thousand people and was taken following Israeli President Isaac Herzog's presentation of his so-called "People's Outline" for judicial reform, billed as a compromise by Herzog but decried as totally one-sided by the coalition, which rejected it outright. The opposition, which declined to participate in talks with Herzog prior to the crafting of the outline (while the coalition sent representatives to speak with the president on dozens of occasions), adopted the outline enthusiastically.

Avi Wiederman, head of the polling agency which conducted the survey, told Kikar Hashabbat that, "The most interesting piece of data that emerged here is that a decisive majority of the haredi population sees this as a dispute between right and left, between those for Bibi [PM Netanyahu] and those against him. Therefore, it's not really surprising that so many haredim support the reforms. On the other hand, many haredim would like to see a compromise emerge, though they would prefer that haredi MKs not be the ones leading that effort."

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