In a conversation with reporters today (Wednesday), Central District Commander Police Chief Avi Biton said that every day, about 10,000 Palestinian Arabs illegally enter Israeli territory within the Green Line through breaches in the security fence.

"Everyone thinks that the breaches in the fence should be blocked, but in practice, nothing is done. The fence is breached along its entire length," Biton warned in a briefing to reporters, and voiced an implicit criticism of the security establishment's disregard of the danger.

Biton said these things against the background of an increase in property crimes, which is evident mainly in the Sharon region, the central coastal plain lying between the Mediterranean Sea and the Samarian hills. Then he related to the army's activities last April - when it was decided to mend the fence: "In that month, property crimes decreased by 40%."

In addition to the matter of criminality, the district inspector also addressed the security concern: "We have to remember that from the moment we receive a warning about a threat crossing the fence - we have seven minutes to thwart it in the mountains."... Read More: Arutz-7