Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a discussion to receive an update, this afternoon (Friday, 27 May 2022), ahead of Jerusalem Day and the flag parade that will be held this Sunday, 29 May 2022.

The Prime Minister was fully briefed on the police deployment ahead of the events, particularly on the intelligence efforts and the reinforcement of units on the ground in order to allow Jerusalem Day to be celebrated and the flag parade to be held in a safe and orderly manner.

Prime Minister Bennett agreed that the flag parade will be held as usual according to the planned route, as it has been for decades; therefore, the parade will end at the Western Wall and will not go on the Temple Mount.

Normal routine on the Temple Mount will continue as usual.

Regular assessments and consultations will be held on the issue, on all levels, throughout the weekend and on Sunday.

The Public Security Minister, the Israel Police Inspector General, the Jerusalem District police commander, the Prime Minister's Military Secretary and other officials participated in the discussion.