Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett referred to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as the "Jewish-Palestinian conflict" during a hearing on a case concerning public funding of religious schools on Wednesday.

"How would you even know if a school taught all religions are bigoted and biased or Catholics are bigoted or, you know, we take a position on the Jewish-Palestinian conflict because of our position on, you know, Jews, right?" said Barrett in a question directed at Maine Chief Deputy Attorney-General. 

The case being heard by the Supreme Court was Carson v. Makin, which centers on Maine's school tuition payment program that excludes schools that promote a faith or belief. Two families sued after they were denied tuition assistance, arguing that the program violates their religious freedom and equal protection rights.

The tuition program helps students who live in rural areas without access to public schools to receive a subsidy to attend a private school, as long as it is "nonsectarian," which has been used to exclude religious schools.... Read More: JPost