The government does not plan to evict Arab residents of Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood over a property dispute in light of how heated the matter has become, according to a source close to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

The High Court of Justice scheduled a hearing for Monday on the eviction of four Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah, the east Jerusalem neighborhood known in Hebrew as Shimon Hatzadik. Lower courts have upheld claims that the property is owned by the Nahalat Shimon Company, which seeks to develop the land for Jewish housing.

Even if the verdict allows for the eviction of the Palestinian residents, the court is unlikely to order the state to enact it or give a deadline to do so, the source close to Bennett said, adding that the government will take advantage of that to not fuel the flames of conflict in Jerusalem.

A 1991 decision by then-attorney-general Yosef Harish grants the police authority to decline to implement evictions if is a great danger from doing so. ... Read More: JPost