Businesses across the country are experiencing staffing shortages and Baltimore County is no exception. Staffing shortages within Baltimore County government have led to delays in trash, recycling and yard material collection, particularly in the Catonsville area.

"We went to the hauler and asked what the situation is," Michael Beichler, bureau chief of Baltimore County's solid waste management department, told Fox45. "He's having a rather common issue at this time. Lack of staffing ... From unemployment compensation to people just who don't want to do the work anymore."

Beichler told FOX45 News the solid waste management department has been trying to help companies who are short-handed by pairing them with haulers who have been able to recruit and retain workers. The county also is prioritizing trash pickup, so if residents notice their recycling or bulk waste sitting on the curb a bit longer, just know that workers are moving as quickly as they can.

"I've seen drivers out there that are stopping, getting out of their truck, dumping the trash in the back, and then getting back in and driving," Beichler said. "Those are the heroes. They're working without their labor force."... Read More: Pikesville Patch