A couple from Coventry Square in Lakewood are reportedly among the 51 people unaccounted for in the condo building that collapsed early this morning in Surfside, Florida.

Chaim ben Sarah and Malka bas Sarah Rochel Rosenberg of Lakewood, as well as Mrs. Rosenberg’s father Yisroel Tzvi Yosef ben Toba, were reportedly in the building when the collapse occurred and have not been heard from since.

Please daven for them as well as the others reportedly unaccounted for:

Moshe ben Toba, Moshe ben Shoshana, Ariel Leib ben Ita, Ilan ben Kalman, Leib ben Shoshana, Ita bas Miriam, Tzvi Daniel ben Yehudis, Sara bas Ida, Nancy bas Sofia, Franky ben Nancy, Jay ben Nancy, Devorah bas Chaya, Yehuda Aryeh ben Freida, Rus bas Sarah, Nicole bas Andrea, Michoel ben Hans, Gavriela bas Sarah.