Please join the Orthodox Union today at 1:00 ET for the Daily Tehillim and Chizuk Call to daven (pray) for all of those impacted by today’s horrific tragedy. To access the call, please dial 773-377-9170

The Jewish people are reeling from yet another national tragedy that contains within it so many personal and familial tragedies. On the heels of COVID, Meron, and Karlin-Stolin of Givat Zev, today we awoke to read of the horrific building collapse in Surfside, Florida. 

The situation remains fluid. There have been many losses, many affected families, and many injured who need our prayers. All of us must pause to consider the profound pain being experienced at this moment by so many and turn to Hashem in heartfelt prayer.

We urge one and all to recite Tehillim 20, 130, and 142.

May Hashem hear our prayers and bring an end to such devastating events, יאמר לצרותינו די.