Jerusalem, Israel - June 9, 2021  - Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel was looking forward to welcoming international dignitaries to an annual OECD Global Forum on Digital Security for Prosperity (“OECD Global Forum”). From June 7- 9, 2021, the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) hosted online the third annual event of the OECD Global Forum focused on “Local Challenges, Global Solutions – Building Cyber Resilience Together in a Post-COVID-19 World.”

Over 400 participants from 58 countries met virtually to discuss cutting-edge issues such as the security of the Internet, responsible digital transformation, digital security in the supply chain as well as the role of cyber insurance.    

The past year has highlighted governments, businesses, and individuals’ growing digital dependency and the related cybersecurity risk. "Our governments share values and have developed policies to promote cyber resilience,” said INCD Director-General Yigal Unna.

The Israel National Cyber Directorate is the national security and technological agency responsible for defending Israel’s national cyberspace and for establishing and advancing Israel’s cyber power. It was set up as a core element of the Israeli cybersecurity strategy. 

One highlight of the OECD Forum was an inside look at the growing Israeli cyber facilities in Beer Sheva, where seven sectors report and work to protect from cyber-attacks.   

New OECD Secretary-General  Mathias Cormann participated in the opening session.  US Dept of Commerce/National Institue of Standards and Technology Associate Director for IT Standardization Lisa Carnahan was one of a long list of expert international presenters.

During the concluding session, heads of cybersecurity agencies from OECD countries as well as Singapore, India, and the United Arab Emirates expressed their readiness to boost international cooperation. On the basis of their shared values and common understandings, they have called upon the OECD, through its Working Party on Security in the Digital Economy, to further explore ways to facilitate international cooperation, especially between agencies responsible for implementing and promoting digital security policies.

The first Global Forum event took place in 2018 in Paris, France. The second took place in 2019 in London. The next event in 2022 is to be hosted in Japan.

Dir-Gen. Unna mentioned how pleased he was to welcome the United Arab Emirates to the Forum. Security in Cybernet is enhanced with sharing information, not computers, but people and minds working together, to enhance global cybersecurity by sharing information.